Use Android Phone as a Webcam Crack In 4 Steps With full Software+Crack

How To Use Your Android Phone as a web cam for PC

Are you gonna find the way to use your Android Phone as a Web cam for PC then you are in the right place, Here on this page you'll find the answers for all your question, Here today I'm gonna tell you about a Software that will allow you to use you android phone as a web cam for PC
So lets get started, first of all you'll need,

  • A Phone with Internet connection,(Android will be good)
  • A PC or Laptop with Internet connection,
  • A Software named as "ManyCam",

(You can Download it from the link below with Crack for free, password for .rar file is "crackthefile")

  • And at last A "ManyCam.apk" app for your Android Phone,
(You can Download it from Google Play Store)
Step-1: Download your Softwares.
Download your softwares from the above given links along with the crack.

Step-2: Install The Softwares.
After Downloading the software in .rar file,

the next step is to Extract the files anywhere on you PC,

and for Extracting the Software from .rar file you'll be asked for password, which is "crackthefile".

So, Enter the above given password, , Now open the Extracted Folder and
For Installation follow these steps.
  • Open ManyCam Enterprise Folder.
  • Read the Instructions.txt.
  • Run the Setup.exe.
  • Click on Yes.
  • In Setup for Installation, Click on I Accept.
  • Now untick the two check boxes options and click on Accept.
  • Again untick the check box option and click on Accept.
  • Now you'll see that it has started the Installation.
  • After installation click on finish.
After finnishing installation, Double click on many cam icon to RUN it,
In the above given screen shot you can see that the software is at trail version as it needs to be upgrade.

Step-3: Cracking the software.
Now for cracking the software, First of all you'll have to Exit the software from the Taskbar.
After Exiting the software, Go to the Extracted Folder that is ManyCam and then to the Crack Folder and copy the ManyCam.exe file.
 Now Go to the Desktop> Right Click on the ManyCam Icon and select 'Open File Location' to Open Containing Folder.
Now once you have reached its containing filder, paste the ManyCam.exe file Here and Replace or overwrite the already existing file. (Remember to Exit the Software before Replacing the file or you'll be facing problem in replacing) 
And we're Done Cracking the Software, Now Run it. 
Uncheck the Box and proceed .
 Now you can see that after cracking the software, the Upgrade Tab has gone.

Step-4: Connecting Your Phone Camera to PC.
At the below given screen shot you can see six video tabs at the right side of the window.
Now right click on the second or any other video tab, A drop down menu will appear > click on "Add Mobile" > And click on the Quick Connect option.
 After Clicking on the "Quick Connect" Option You will see another windows appears with a CODE.
Now open your ManyCam android app> Select one of your Camera Option (Back or Front) and click on Start. 
You will see that it will ask for the CODE that was generated at your PC, Type the code and click on Connect.
Here in above screen shot you can see that your android app is trying to connect to the ManyCam Server on your PC. 
At the same instance go to your PC, In ManyCam dropdown menu click on "Add Mobile"and select your Mobile Device to get started.
 After Selecting your Mobile Here is the Screen shot of the Mobile Device.
And the above is the screen shoot after fully connected.

So the ManyCam is not only for connecting Mobile Phone as a Camera, but it can also connect more then two camera at a time,
And it has its own Video Filters, Objects, Borders, Face access and much more to apply to your video,
You can also Take Snapshot and Make videos wirelessly,
And so far it can also brodcast videos, Pictures and slideshow,
So give it a try and Enjoy, and don't forget to share and comment,
You you got any Question you can leave a comment.


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